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Sports Highlight Of The Day

Your Sports Highlight Of The Day Is This Dog’s Deadly Accuracy With A Toy Ball

a dog with a toy ball in its mouth
Screengrab: @rossmorgan96

Trying this stunt in an MLB game would get this little goblin of a dog ejected faster than he could say "woof." But in a bar, among a sympathetic crowd, it's your Sports Highlight of the Day.

The video embedded below leaves plenty of unanswered questions, including: "Who is this dog?," "How did he get that toy ball?," and "Are these people going to give each other COVID?" But to enjoy it, all you have to do is watch while the mucusy little fellow fires that ball with deadly accuracy directly into the camera. The surprise assault is so effective, and so shocking, that it can only force a pained laugh from its target.

Here it is in slow motion, which not only heightens the anticipation but also the surreal nature of such an attack.

The guy filming must have pimped his homer on his last at-bat.

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