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How To Pitch Defector

So you want to pitch a story to Defector. That's great! Here are some things you should know before proceeding.

First, you should take a look at our freelancer policies that were created in agreement with the National Writers Union's Freelance Solidarity Project. You can read over those policies by following this link.

Second, you should know who to contact. All pitches can be submitted to We can't respond to every single pitch, but if it's something we're interested in you'll hear from one of our editors.

Third, you should know what kinds of stories we're looking for. This is an admittedly difficult question to answer, in part because we have not yet published much freelance work that can serve as a guide, and also because you can only spend so much time reading sentences like, "Here at Defector we're looking to publish sharp, incisive writing about sports and culture that grabs readers' attention. We want stories about the absurd, the unexpected, the blah blah blah" before your eyes roll all the way out of your head. What I can say is that if you are wondering whether an idea is right for us, just spend some time looking at the site. Read some headlines, scan a few blog posts, get a feel for who we are and what we write about.

At some point, once we've built up a body of good freelance work, this page will include some concrete examples of good pitches that we accepted.