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Awful: Taysom Hill Scores On Incredible Touchdown Run

Two Giants players on the ground, Taysom Hill near the goal line, standing up
Image: FOX

Though Taysom Hill lost the competition for the starting QB job to Jameis Winston, he still comes in every now and then to muck up the New Orleans Saints’ offense. The idea of Hill as a sometimes-QB is interesting, until he comes in for 20 plays against the Lions and rushes for six yards on three carries. (This happened last season.)

With Drew Brees out of the picture, there's only been an increase in Taysom. He ran for 32 yards on six carries and a touchdown in last week’s win over the Patriots, and today he imitated Damien Harris as he scored this unbelievable touchdown against the Giants.

What a run! Awful. Check out that cool spin at the end! Terrible. The Giants don’t even get him on the ground until he’s well past the pylon! Disgusting.

Out of journalistic ethics, it is Defector's responsibility to show you this sick touchdown, even though it was scored by Taysom Hill. It is also our duty to inform you that he did it again in the fourth quarter.

That it happened against the Giants is some consolation, though.

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