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Spotify Guy Really Wants People To Know He’s Serious About Buying Arsenal

Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for Spotify

Back in April, amid the glorious implosion of the European Super League, Spotify billionaire Daniel Ek said he would be happy to "throw his hat in the ring" for Arsenal ownership, announcing days later that he had "secured funding" for the deal. Nearly a month later, despite repeated assurances from current Arsenal owners (the reviled Kroenke billionaires) that they're not going to sell the team, and doubts from one of Ek's own advisors, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, who said the deal might not ever happen, Ek really really wants everyone to know that he totally wants to buy his boyhood club.

Yesterday, he released a statement decrying some unnamed "inaccurate reports" that said he didn't submit a bid for the club:

Let the record show the Spotify guy, who is definitely not just an attention-seeking dork trying to raise his public profile, did submit a bid for Arsenal, which was immediately rejected. Okay!

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