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Nationals-Giants Game Begins With Gnarly Vomiting

Lucius Fox bent over on field

It's not exactly unheard of for an unfortunate baseball player to lose his lunch on the diamond, but rarely if ever has the act of vomiting been captured live so clearly, and so disgustingly, for living rooms all across the mid-Atlantic.

After just two pitches in this afternoon's Nats-Giants game, Washington third baseman Lucius Fox had to exit the game due to a very public case of stomach troubles, the evidence of which spewed out of him right next to the pitcher's mound. Those watching the Giants broadcast were spared the nastiness with a well-timed cut to an overhead shot of the full field, and had to imagine the scene based on the shocked reaction from the crowd. But the folks working the MASN feed weren't so quick.

For those who really want to see a human Gatorade hydrant, the incident occurred around the 0:14 mark of this video. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Joc Pederson somehow recovered from seeing this and, two pitches later, produced a projectile of his own, finding the right-center seats with a lead-off home run.

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