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Check Out Defector’s New Mixed-Reality Dugong

Devin the dugong
Mixed-reality dugong via the author

The Carolina Panthers impressed the world in their first game of the NFL season on Sunday—not with their 19-14 win over the New York Jets, but with the unveiling of their new mixed-reality panther. Before the game began, fans watching on the stadium TV screen or scrolling their Twitter account were able to see a fearsome computer-animated beast wreak havoc inside footage of the field where the game was about to take place. Take a look:

That's fine and all, but the game has changed, even in the mere hours after the Panther's arrival. Defector is proud to announce that it has reached an even greater achievement in the mixed-reality space. We have in fact created our own mixed-reality animal—one far superior to the unnamed jungle cat.

Defector's mixed-reality animal is a dugong, and we call him Devin. Look at him in action inside my very real apartment! Incredible! I can barely believe my own eyes!

(You'll want your audio on for this one.)

The ball's in your court now, NFL.

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