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Carson Wentz Was Pummeled Today: A Visual Compendium

Carson Wentz drops a pass as it slips out of the back of his hand while playing QB. Norwell No. 68 is next to him.
Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Carson Wentz faced his former team for the first time today. Lots of Eagles fans trekked down to Maryland to see their team's onetime savior play quarterback for the Commanders. Philly fans were their usual selves. Wentz was in vintage form as well: frequently on the turf.

The Eagles sacked Wentz nine times and held him to just 211 yards passing, most of it in garbage time, in a 24-8 win. Wentz also fumbled twice, losing one. For the third straight week, the Eagles built a big halftime lead and put it in cruise control for the second half. Take a look at what Wentz’s day was like:

Carson Wentz sacked by Jason Hargrave
Patrick Smith/Getty ImagesPatrick Smith/Getty Images

Ooh, that sack was brutal! I think I have another shot of it, too.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Rough! How about a close-up of his face? You know you were thinking about it.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

I didn’t even have to pay $375 for these images! What a bargain!

Patrick Smith/Getty Images
Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Wentz got hit in the facemask, too—one place you’re not supposed to get hit!

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

At least he held onto the ball on that one.

Wentz was particularly bad in the first half, where he went 3-for-10 for 24 yards and six of those sacks. With the lost yardage, Washington had minus-16 yards passing in the first half.

Scott Taetsch/Getty ImagesScott Taetsch/Getty Images

Ah, geeze. It didn’t even seem fair. Washington averaged 2.9 yards per pass.

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