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U.S. Ambassador To Afghanistan Celebrates Black History Month With Deranged Tweets

Four tweets from Chargé 'Affaires Karen Decker (@USAmbKabul) As I reflected on his legacy this week, it occurs to me to ask -Who is Afghanistan's MLK? What Afghan person, driven by their faith and a desire for peace, can lead the Afghan people "to the mountaintop?" Are Afghans familiar with #BlackGir|Magic and the movement it inspired? Do Afghan girls need a similar movement? What about Afghan Women? Teach me, ready to learn. #BlackHistoryMonth®® @Beyonce @lizzo @ReginaKing Abe Lincoln born today in 1809. He did some stuff. It's also NAACP Day - home of grassroots activism, inclusive communities and making sure Black voices are heard. What does that look like for Afghans struggling to be heard? #BlackHistoryMonth • @NAACP @LincolnsCottage Super Bowl LVII. 2 elite QBs who happen to be Black made history in epic showdown. Congrats to @Chiefs for thrilling victory! Afghans - what's the most exciting sports match you remember? #BlackHistoryMonth°

U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Karen Decker posted several tweets in recent weeks that are all automatic frontrunners for the title of Worst Tweet Of 2023. You've seen plenty of sweaty, cringe-inducing tweets from white people eager to demonstrate their allyship during Black History Month, and you've seen a good number of tone-deaf posts from government officials, but have you ever seen one person combine those genres as seamlessly as this?

I thought "teach me, ready to learn," was peak white-lady shit, but Decker one-upped herself by tagging Beyonce, Lizzo, and Regina King. Anyhow, by Thursday, she had at least learned enough to delete some of the tweets:

Hmm, she might want to delete that one and try again. She forgot to ask her Afghan tweeps to sound off in the replies.

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