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Year In Review

The Worst Tweets Of 2022

A closeup of Elon Musk's dumb face.
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

It was hard not to get sentimental while putting together this year's worst tweets. Will Elon Musk's whims lead to Twitter becoming completely unusable before the end of 2023, making this the final edition? Maybe, but also it might be time to sunset this feature anyway, because the bit's growing stale and the only thing we've proven is that Darren Rovell is guaranteed to tweet something astonishing at least once per year.

Check back on our enthusiasm next December. For now, here's a non-exhaustive list of 2022’s worst tweets, each one awful or weird in its own way. (You can find the 2021 edition here.)

Obviously, the tweet of note here is Rovell's.
Via Awful Announcing
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