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Transactions, July 10

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We are proud to announce that Defector has added a new but familiar blogger: Kathryn Xu joins us today as a full-time associate staff writer.

Regular readers of the site will already be familiar with Kathryn's work. She joined us last summer as Defector's first-ever editorial intern, then left us in the fall to return to school and get her degree, like some kind of nerd. But now she has that degree, and she is ready to put it to absolutely no use while writing sports blogs on a full-time basis. We couldn't be more excited!

Speaking of internships, you may have also noticed Abigail Segel's byline popping up on the site over the last month. She joined us in June, as Defector's second-ever editorial intern. Yet another development we are all very excited about!

OK, back to blogging. Thank you for your continued support of Defector.

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