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Tom Brady Gracious At Postgame Fan Convention

George Kittle shaking hands with Tom Brady. "Finally got to meet you, man. Keep doing your thing."
Image via NFL Films

You ever been to a fan convention? Surely you know what they are. A bunch of nerds gather together in a convention hall or converted warehouse for the chance to get an autograph from Graeme Lloyd or meet the entire 1970s Miami Dolphins Killer B’s defensive front. I’ve been to a few myself. Once I paid $5 to shake hands with “Mean” Gene Okerlund. Money well spent. I would’ve paid at least $10.

Some cons are big business; some are in dingy halls. But rarely are they held on an NFL field immediately following a game. That is what happened on Sunday. Despite starting a third-string QB, the 49ers routed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 35-7. Postgame, the teams met to slap hands and say hello. And all the little kids got to see their longtime idol Tom Brady up close.

Tom Brady is 45 years old. And this year is the first in which he seems really old; he is divorced, his team is 6-7, and he just lost to Brock Purdy. And then Brady has to deal with Jauan Jennings, 20 years his junior, coming up to him and saying, “I remember when you were going stupid in New England,” like that was a thing that happened a long time ago. There’s more!

Brady, to his credit, is as gracious as I’ve ever seen a celebrity at one of these things. He signs for everyone, even though these guys just rocked him. Honestly, the Bucs may be reeling, the Panthers of all teams may be the ones to win the NFC South, but this is the best Tom Brady has looked all year.

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