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This Is So Stupid

Pretty Neat. Defector Outlines Hiring Process That Landed Devin The Dugong


A couple of days ago, the 9-8 Detroit Lions released a video on Youtube about "Building a Winning Culture." The Lions credit some of that winning culture to the hiring of Dan Campbell as head coach and Brad Holmes as general manager.

The video included a glimpse of what looks like a framed napkin on which someone outlined the goals that led the Lions to those two hires.

They have outlined here three methods to ... hire people? Which are: 1) leadership, 2) culture (stay focused on this!), and 3) staff. The staff bracket has three subdivisions: a) manage, b) find the best, and c) handling tomorrow. No clue what any of this means.

What's really crazy, though, is that we at Defector Media have an almost identical napkin from when we agreed to hire Devin the Defector Dugong, who currently serves as our Chief Metaverse Officer.

Here it is!

Let's look at a close-up:

As you can see, we continue to stay focused on the Metaverse, which allows us to focus on managing, and finding the best dugong. Defector's culture of winning will continue.

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