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This Is So Stupid

Here Is Defector’s New State-Of-The-Art Mixed-Reality Commercial

Devin the Mixed-Reality Dugong

Viewers of the television program Monday Night Football on Monday night might have been surprised when, before the game began, they watched the New England Patriots mascot, Pat Patriot, flip a switch that revealed a kaiju-sized shaving razor at midfield.

Typically, this would force the NFL to push back kickoff in order to remove the enormous razor from the 50-yard line, but you needn't have worried. This was actually a cutting-edge mixed-reality brand activation, of a piece with other ads we're seeing more and more during sporting events.

“[The mixed reality commercial] is a way for us to showcase how GilletteLabs is truly at the forefront of innovation and technology for men’s grooming, not only with our products, but also with our marketing efforts,” said John Claughton, vice president of grooming at Gillette North America, in a press release touting the marketing achievement. (I wonder if he's ever asked for a different job title.)

But the executives at Gillette are crying in the mud today, because this morning Defector surpassed them at the forefront of innovation and the forefront of technology. Thanks in large part to the efforts of Chief Metaverse Officer Devin the Mixed-Reality Dugong, Defector can proudly unveil its own brand activation, which blows the one at the football game back to the Stone Age.

What will the geniuses at DefectorLabs innovate next?

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