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Please Revel In The Chaos Of This Beat Writer’s Screenshot

On Friday morning, NBC Sports Philadelphia Eagles beat writer Reuben Frank attempted to share some news on Twitter, but instead revealed his own struggles with basic screenshot technology.

"Jason Kelce will be back in 2021!" Frank wrote, in reference to the Eagles center signing a deal for next season. But that's not important. What is important is this frenzied screenshot of Kelce's Instagram post announcing the news that Frank attached to his tweet:

Some questions: What happened with the first screenshot, visible in the lower-righthand corner? Why is the volume icon there? Does Frank use all those apps in his dock, and why are there so many deleted apps still in it? Was he reading up on The Beatles? Which Hannah was he googling? [Ed. note: There was also some sort of serial number in the upper right-hand corner of the screenshot, which we have redacted just to be safe.]

Frank eventually deleted the tweet, resent it with a slightly cropped version of the original image, and then decided to delete the second tweet, too. At least there were no porn tabs.

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