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Kyle Kuzma Docks His Boat On “Dinshittie Island”

Split image: Spencer Dinwiddie on the left, dribbling a basketball; on the right, Kyle Kuzma, in street clothes on an NBA bench, pointing
Left: Sarah Stier/Getty Images; Right: Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images

Two NBA play-in games are happening this evening, but perhaps you crave a bigger thrill: two faintly above-average basketball players reheating some crappy beef from January via numbered grievances.

Spencer Dinwiddie and Kyle Kuzma overlapped for a few months on the 2021-22 Wizards, before Dinwiddie was traded to Dallas. After his Mavericks lost to the Wizards this past January, Dinwiddie said, of his former team, "They're over there trying to get paid, not trying to play winning basketball."

Kuzma fired that remark right back and added the devastating tilted-laugh emoji.

Dinwiddie, now on the Nets via the Kyrie Irving trade, should be preparing for a first-round series against the Sixers. Kuzma is not in the playoffs and is about to become an unrestricted free agent so he can make a great deal of money. There's no reason for Spencer Dinwiddie to appear on gambling-adjacent programming in mid-April to re-engage his former teammate who is on vacation. In fact, Dinwiddie said that he was advised by his agent not to prolong this argument. He did so anyway, maybe because this is more fun than thinking about how to guard Tyrese Maxey.

"If we look at him and the way he approaches life, fame, all that stuff, we can see that his priorities tend to vary. That's why he dresses the way he does, approaches basketball the way he does, the comments he makes," Dinwiddie said of Kuzma. "You're probably not even a third star on a good team because if you were, the Lakers would have kept you."

This inspired Kuzma to tweet a comprehensive riposte, which was well-organized but still could have used an editor. View the whole thread here if you want to feel yourself get dumber in real time, or see the highlights below. The main event is "Dinshittie island":

Strong fighting words from a man who once released "the first NFT shoe brand for the metaverse." You are now free to stop thinking about the 2021-22 Washington Wizards.

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