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Jordan Spieth Nearly Puts Ball In Hole, Self In Lake

Jordan Spieth
Golf Channel

I don't talk about them quite often enough, as my co-workers will surely attest, but the Great Lakes kick so much frickin' ass. Not only do they surround every Michigander with easily accessible natural beauty, but they're also super-duper helpful towards continuing life on Earth, as they contain 84 percent of North America's surface fresh water.

For those who don't know, there are five of these lakes, and depending on geography and activity preferences, different folks are allowed to have different faves. Here is my ranking:

Hm, what's that at number one? Could it be? Yes, it is! Lake Michigan! The greatest of the Great Lakes, with wonderful little towns up and down the shore on the western side of the lower peninsula, and an unparalleled view of the sunset at night.

Who in their right mind would want to avoid getting more closely acquainted with this natural marvel? Jordan Spieth, that's who! While playing in Day 1 of the Ryder Cup up in Haven, Wisconsin on Friday, the three-time Major winner almost got very wet but instead found himself in an unexpectedly great position on the green.

On the 17th hole, Spieth put his ball in an absurd little jungle, looking way up at the hole like it was on a top shelf in Costco. He was undeterred, however, and whacked that white sphere until it soared high into the clouds. While waiting for the landing, Spieth lost his footing and almost took a disastrous little tumble down the slope, finally catching his balance in the last possible yard. And yet despite all this chaos, the ball somehow landed in a perfect (if ultimately irrelevant in a losing effort) spot right by the flag.

In this one particular instance—and only this one!—I can forgive someone turning their back on my beloved lake.

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