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This Is So Stupid

Here Are Some MLB Draft Prospects Whose Names Would Be Right At Home On ‘All My Children’

Actors from "All My Children" at the Emmys.
Photo by Robin Platzer/Getty Images

Braden Montgomery (scion, evil)
Chase Burns (scion, evil)
Hagen Smith (young ER resident, affianced, dashing)
Bryce Rainer (wayward prodigal son)
Konnor Griffin (young father, secret gambling addiction)
Slade Caldwell (bookie)
Brody Brecht (hunky underachiever, heart of gold)
Seaver King (thrice-divorced auto-sales kingpin, evil)
Carson Benge (reclusive novelist, dreamboat)
Kellon Lindsey (thinking about quitting law school)
Walker Janek (bookie's henchman)
Kaelen Culpepper (Seaver King's unwitting lovechild)
Kash Mayfield (wears leather jacket, deals drugs)
Griff O'Ferrall (high school football coach, town hero)
Peyton Stovall (scion, good)
Wyatt Sanford (cow hand, former deputy sheriff, redemption arc)
Blake Burke (scion, good)
Dasan Hill (three-year-old, possibly named "Jason")
Vance Honeycutt (attorney at law)
Payton Tolle (scion, evil)
Boston Bateman (radio shock jockey)
Gage Miller (fugitive, innocent)
Carson Wiggins (deputy sheriff)
Braylon Doughty (high school quarterback, golden child)
Dax Whitney (bartender, devious)
Duncan Marsten (general contractor, hunky, deep inner pain)
Gage Jump (fugitive, star-crossed, dreamy)
Griffin Burkholder (brain surgeon, pharmaceutical addict)
Carter Holton (widower, single father to haunted teen daughter, tragic)
Bryce Meccage (high school wide receiver, bad influence)
Braylon Payne (high school running back, golden child, dead [fentanyl])
Harrison Didawick (pesky local news reporter on crime beat)
Tegan Kuhns (pursuing art, disowned by family)
Sawyer Farr (sheriff)
Gage Ziehl (fugitive, guilty as sin)
Khal Stephen (counting on inheritance to cover embezzlement at family enterprise, but the clock is ticking)
Tytus Cissell (corrupt restaurateur, failed mayoral candidate)
Colby Shelton (hunky anesthesiologist)
Duce Gourson (former high school football star, belligerent drunk)
Griffin Herring (wealthy "philanthropist," mayor)
Rustan Rigdon (private investigator)
Cobb Hightower (independent landscaping contractor of high moral standing)
Thatcher Hurd (crusty old fisherman, houseboat)
Fenwick Trimble (librarian, town historian, watery eyes)
Anderson French (imprisoned for crime he did not commit)
Sawyer Strosnider (in fact it was Sawyer Strosnider who did it)
Coen Niclai (visiting professor, ambiguously European, dreamboat)
Anson Seibert (rancher, evil)
Dane Moehler (unhappily married to Anson Seibert's daughter)
Jaxon Jelkin (Kash Mayfield's supplier)
Konner Eaton (wife has no idea he bet it all on the metaverse)
Brock Moore (rancher, good)
Jackson Wentworth (scion, evil)
Mavrick Rizy (story arc abandoned after one episode)
Janzen Keisel (cannot convince girlfriend to follow him to Cambodia)
Jayden Voelker (bachelor, day trader, serial killer)
Smith Bailey (using history's worst alias to escape child support debts)
Pierce George (public defender, dashing)
Burke Mabeus (complicated, alluring)
Kale Fountain (the town's popular new smoothie shop)
Brayden Bergman (scion, good)
Brayton Thomas (scion, evil)

[Via The Athletic and ESPN]

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