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Gio Urshela Makes Catch Then Tumbles Into Dugout, Followed By Angel Hernandez

A dugout scene, overhead from 3/4 perspective. An umpire is falling over the dugout railing and into the dugout
Image: YES

The New York Yankees, clinging to their one-game lead in the AL wild-card standings on the last day of the regular season, were scoreless with the Tampa Bay Rays in the top of the sixth when Gio Urshela chased down a foul ball, fell into the visiting team's dugout and ... did he get it??

He did! Umpire Angel Hernandez made the call, and he was there to get a good look at the play because he too fell into the Rays' dugout.

Video via YES

Urshela was shaken up but eventually walked back to his actual dugout under his own power. The shortstop stayed in the game, receiving applause and many comparisons to Derek Jeter. As for Hernandez, presumably everyone left him where he fell.

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