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Carson Wentz Entered A New Frontier Of Interception-Throwing

Carson Wentz throws an awful interception
Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Colts were on the upswing coming into Sunday. They’d won two in a row, beating the 49ers in a downpour last week. New starting QB Carson Wentz was starting to look more like the guy who was a No. 2 overall pick than the guy who looked like the worst QB of all time last season. Frank Reich even had this word salad of praise: “I’m really looking for the Colts version of him where he just keeps getting better and better. But what we are seeing is he’s playing good football. But what we talk about is every week is a new week and we can always get better, and we have to get better and he has to get better—we all do.”

Coming into the game, Wentz had just one interception. People were saying he’d cured his turnover problems! He had been playing much better. However! He did have an incredible shovel-pass pick that was ruled a fumble last week. Was that an inauspicious warning sign? Oh, no.

The disastrous interception did not end the game!

Aided by a big pass interference call, Wentz led the Colts down the field to tie it and send it into overtime. And then… oh, no.

Kevin Byard's pick was basically enough to do it. The Titans gained just five yards, but Randy Bullock hit a field goal to give Tennessee the 34-31 overtime win.

Wentz threw 51 passes for only 231 yards, but did have three touchdowns. He sometimes looked like the Wentz of 2017 (escaping the pass rush, finding an open receiver deep down the field) and sometimes looked like the Wentz of 2020 (that same play, overthrowing the receiver). Frank Reich will have to keep looking for the Colts version of him where he just keeps getting better and better.

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