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Bears Receiver Javon Wims Just Started Punching A Guy

Bears Javon Wims punching C.J. Gardner-Johnson

Nick Foles hit Allen Robinson for a five-yard gain on first down. Then, hell broke loose. Bears wide receiver Javon Wims ran over to Saints defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson and punched him in the helmet twice, kicking off a brawl. They were nowhere near the play.

It looks like Wims attempts to grab a chain from around Gardner-Johnson's neck before connecting with him. The TV broadcast showed Gardner-Johnson poking Anthony Miller through his face mask earlier in the game, but the reason for Wims's instigation hasn't yet been fully explained. Nobody seemed more confused than Gardner-Johnson, who responded to first punch by just looking around, possibly for an explanation.

Wims was ejected. The next play after the 15-yard penalty, Foles threw an interception.

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