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A Good Pass Is One That Makes A Guy Look Silly

facu campazzo

Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Come here. Take me by the hand. Hold on to it tightly and turn your attention to this play from Sunday night's game between the Lakers and Nuggets, which happened to be the highlight of the game:

Big deal, you may have thought upon seeing this play from the broadcast angle. A guy made a pass into the corner and another guy hit a three-pointer.

Ah, but look at the replay angle, and notice that the guy making the pass, Facu Campazzo, was looking in the exact opposite direction of his teammate, Zeke Nnaji, when he released the ball. OK, you are now saying to yourself. That's pretty tight.

Well it's about to get even more tight! Examine the final slow-motion replay, and see how the ball just whizzes right past the ear of Kyle Kuzma, who can do nothing but wear the shocked face of a man who was just ambushed by a passagio.

Look at his damn face:

The best kind of highlights are those that can double as a "when the edible hits" meme.

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