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Whoever’s Controlling Leonys Martin’s Twitter Would Like To Sell You An Extra PS5

Photo: Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Remember Leonys Martin? The outfielder started his career with the Texas Rangers and played in center field for five Major League teams over nine seasons. He currently plays in Japan for the Chiba Lotte Marines and is well on his way to a résumé worthy of Guyhood.

One thing Martin seems not to have remembered to do was to turn on two-factor authentication for his Twitter account. Something strange has happened with @leonys27martin, as it's spent the last few days spamming the sale of an extra Playstation 5. Martin, or someone controlling his account, has sent scores of tweets just like the following:

Curiously, the message being spammed out has been altered a few times. There are calls to "Message Me Now"; intonations that PS5s, plural, are available "NOW FOR PURCHASE"; a solemn "Ps5 for sale" tweet; and an emoji for encouragement. On Christmas Day, Martin's account actually replied back to people asking about the PS5s, and he deleted what we can safely assume were more messages about the availability of said consoles.

Most of them, however, look like this:

The account claims that it has not been hacked, which seems exactly like the kind of thing someone would say if they were using a professional athlete's account to desperately sell extra PS5s:

There's one thing we can all learn from this: Selling an extra PS5 if anyone's interested.

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