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What’s Your Water-Drinking Situation?

drinking water
Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

Maybe it's just because of Dan's funny blog about the tech weirdo who rapidly gulps water out of his hand, but lately I've found myself thinking a lot about my own methods for drinking water.

Quarantine has added some complexity to my daily imbibing. Where there used to be simplicity (a water bottle on my desk at work that I refilled throughout the day and a water glass near my bed that I refilled before bed) there is now some measure of chaos (water bottles and glasses all over my damn home). Lately I've found myself juggling something like three different drinking vessels that I have designated as "for drinking water out of," each of which I pick up and put down in various locations in my apartment throughout the day. This is not a very good system. The cups and glasses and bottles that I use just get misplaced and dirty, and I am somehow still thirsty all the time.

Anyway, what's your whole deal, in regards to swallowing water, these days? I would like to know more.

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