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Urban Meyer Spotted Having A Grim Men’s Evening At His Ohio Steakhouse

Image via @uh_oh_urban

After the Jacksonville Jaguars dropped to 0-4 on Thursday, head coach Urban Meyer said his "head was spinning," and was described as appearing “physically and emotionally drained.” He seems to have miraculously recovered within 24 hours.

The Jags lost 24-21 to the Bengals in Cincinnati, on a last-second field goal, but the former Ohio State coach reportedly stayed in the state for at least one more day. Local newsletter The Rooster heard that Meyer stopped by his own restaurant, Urban Chophouse, in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus. Late Saturday afternoon, a Twitter account with the handle @uh_oh_urban (that has since vanished) shared the following video of a woman, who is not Urban Meyer's wife Shelley, grinding on the coach as he chatted with someone off-screen.

Now, as a bad philosopher once said, videos can be old. But here's what we can determine. For starters, the distinct chandeliers in that video can be found in Urban Chophouse. Another distinct chandelier, found in this tweet sent Friday night, is also inside Meyer's steakhouse:

Urban's wife, Shelley, confirmed that he was at his steakhouse Friday night. As she said with a hashtag, buddy deserved a night out.

In both the video and photo, Urban is wearing the same thing: an Ohio State pullover, a button-down shirt, and shorts. He's wearing that outfit in these other two shots as well. That first photo sure looks like he's next to the woman who was in his lap:

Maybe this is all a big misunderstanding. Maybe Urban's shorts caught on fire and with no water within reach, that nice lady decided to help put it out. Maybe Shelley is totally cool with buddy deserving a night out, and then some. All this post is doing is noting that to the naked eye, this video serves as evidence that Urban Meyer, a man who has not experienced a dignified moment since he chose to coach in the NFL, is having a grim men's evening. He may need to add five more framed photos to that table to fix this.

Update (Oct. 4, 11:11 a.m. ET): Urban Meyer held a presser today and said he apologized to his team and staff for being a "distraction." As for his family ...

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