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Screenshot: New York Giants/Twitter

You can understand an NFL team's urge to throw as much gloss as possible onto the arrival of a new head coach. Those arrivals usually follow one or more disastrous seasons that have the effect of putting the fanbase into a rotten mood. A new coach can represent hope for a better future, and first impressions are important when trying to get the fans back into the ticket-buying frame of mind. But without the benefit of games or practices or even free-agent signings to provide those first impressions, a lot of teams end up resorting to something like this:

Boy, I don't know. Who is meant to be energized by this? Where can I find a legion of Giants fans who, upon watching a 39-second clip of a man in an ill-fitting suit awkwardly exit a large truck and then silently trudge across a parking lot, are positively pumped and jacked for the next season of Giants football? Who is looking at this action shot and thinking to themselves, "OK, things are about to get epic in New York!"

The man's shoe isn't even tied!

Unless NFL teams are going to start hiring beautiful celebrities as head coaches, and teens who spend hours every day making fancams as VPs of marketing, they should probably just forgo these attempts in favor of a nice picture of some guys shaking hands.

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