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You do not need me to tell you in this here blog that Steph Curry is the greatest shooter of all-time (watch him, say, once) or even that he's on an ungodly hot streak at the moment (see: Ratto, Ray). Curry's 2020–21 mini-redemption arc has been one of the most enjoyable storylines of a season that's been shortened but still feels too long, and what's struck me most over his recent volcanic level of play is how much fun he appears to be having. Earlier this week he was caught trying to run back on the court to add to his 42 points against the Thunder, and last night against the Cavs, he was actively playing with his food.

It seems unfair to ask Matthew Dellavedova to try and stop Steph Curry at this stage in his career, and yet:

Curry dropped one Australian and 33 points last night, and he showed off just how easy it was for him by responding to a reporter's Twitter prompt. NBC Sports' Kerith Burke kindly requested that Curry take off like an airplane if he found the time, and after his fourth triple of the second half, he did. Vroom vroom, coming through for takeoff.

When you get to feast on tanking teams like this, you simply have to laugh.

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