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Send Me Your Food Questions

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This is you, the readers, and me, the food blogger, working together. I’m whichever of these guys you find handsomest.

Hello friends! Thank you for attending today's Transparency In Blogging keynote address.

After a little over two years of doing (mostly) biweekly Chefector blogs, the ol' mental recipe store is looking a little sparsely stocked these days: I can't add to my cooking repertoire fast enough to have a new food preparation to blog every two weeks. So for the next little while I'm going to be trying something different foodblog-wise: Advice!

Those of you who were readers back at the old website might remember the semi-regular Feedbag column, where people sent me questions about food and cooking and I, ah, harangued them about their morals or whatever. And also sometimes told them what bay leaves are for, or why it's important to toast orzo. It was fun and informative, I promise! Anyway, that's the idea: Assuming anybody has any questions about food or cooking, or questions about life and/or relationships disguised as questions about food or cooking, I'm going to answer them. While that's going on, I will still aim to do some of the familiar Chefector recipe blogs as I bump into food preparations that I have Stuff To Say about, but not on a biweekly basis.

Where you come into this is: In order to answer the food questions, I must have them. Therefore you must send them to me.

So: Email me your questions at Preferably your questions will be about food or drink in some type of way, but I am not going to lie to you, buddy: I will also give you advice about, like, dealing with your in-laws if you are foolish enough to ask me about that. Maybe I will tell you how to cook them! Who can know the future? Let's find out together.

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