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Please Enjoy The Cartoonishly Pinwheeling Arms Of This Man Avoiding The Net

Glyn Kirk/AFP via Getty Images

Alex de Minaur, at his defensive best, looks like he's participating in a drill devised by a particularly inhumane high school coach. He is likely the fastest player in men's tennis over the length of the court. For this to be of much use, he also has to be pretty good at stopping the fastest sprints in men's tennis. Stopping has never been more entertaining than the Looney Tunes manner in which de Minaur avoided contact with the net during one miraculous point in his semifinal victory at Eastbourne today. This doofy and effective swim move kept him balanced and alive in the rally, which he somehow went on to win.

The true secret to tennis is Wile E. Coyote body language. Try it.

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