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Paul O’Neill Forgets A Guy

Pete Incaviglia safe at home
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The trivia question that accompanied the New York broadcast of Phillies-Yankees on Saturday wasn't easy, and it stumped the announcers, Michael Kay and Paul O'Neill. The answer to, "Which three players since 1990 have hit 50+ HRs for the Phillies and also played for the Yankees?" was Bobby Abreu, Raúl Ibañez, and the 1993 pennant-winner Pete Incaviglia.

I know far too much about Pete Incaviglia—it's a side effect of both having serial rememberer David Roth in your workplace and meeting more than two Philadelphians. But his inclusion particularly messed with O'Neill, who proceeded to play a variation of "Let's Remember Some Guys" with Kay.

Here's how it went:

O'Neill: Abreu we should have got ... Pete Incaviglia, I don't even remember him playing with the Yankees.

Kay: He had five games with the Yanks. Was that '97? '97. So he was your teammate for five games, Paul.

O'Neill: I was just gonna say, that even makes it worse! Can we edit that or something?

It got better, because Incaviglia—who now manages the upstate Tri-City ValleyCats—was apparently watching the broadcast and also has Kay's phone number.

"I just got a text from Incaviglia," Kay informed O'Neill a few seconds later. "He said, 'Tell him we had dinner twice. Is he kidding me?'"

In the spirit of O'Neill's slip, a guy who I totally forgot ever played for the Yankees is Kevin Youkilis. Wow! Who are some guys that you forget?

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