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Now This Is Some Damn Soccer

Screenshot: Swansea City/YouTube

The English Championship division is certainly not a place where some of the best soccer you'll ever see is being played, but what it lacks in quality it makes up for in drama. If the Premier League and La Liga are home to the Beautiful Game, then the Championship is where you go to find Absolute Scenes.

For example, take yesterday's game between Milwall and Swansea City. The game ended in a 2–2 draw, but obviously there was more to it than that, otherwise I would not be telling you about it in this damn blog post. So I will tell you this: Milwall was down 2–0 in the 93rd minute of a game that had five minutes of stoppage time! Both of the game's final two goals were own goals! And right before the second of those was scored, Swansea had a 2-on-0 counter attack broken up by one of the best tackles you'll ever see! You really gotta see this shit to believe it, so here are the final few minutes of the game:

I don't think you need to care about, or have even previously heard of, either of these teams in order to feel the urge to leap out of your seat at the moment Milwall defender Ryan Leonard executed that perfect recovery tackle at the last possible moment in order to keep the game 2–1 with a minute remaining in stoppage time. They should just build a statue of that guy outside the stadium right now.

Anyway, this is why soccer is the best sport. It gave us an unthinkable result engineered by tremendous effort and two guys oafishly knocking the ball into their own net. That's sports, baby!

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