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Nikola Jokic Explains Rare Poster Dunk With Science And Mime

Nikola Jokic went bonkers last night, scoring 39 points to go along with 14 rebounds and nine assists in a 118-112 win over the Bulls. Jokic scored 17 of those points in the fourth quarter, and two of those came as a result of something I don't think I've ever seen before: Nikola Jokic posterizing some clown at the rim.

OK, this is not exactly Shawn Kemp on Alton Lister, but it still counts:

Given that dunks, not to mention dunks through contact, are such a rarely used part of Jokic's basketball arsenal, it's understandable that he was asked exactly how this strange feat occurred. Luckily Jokic, through the use of basic concepts of physics and helpful hand motions, was able to offer a precise explanation for how he banged one on Patrick Williams.

A helpful transcription:

"I didn't go for a dunk, I just want to be aggressive. And he kind of jump a little bit sooner [raising right hand] so he was kind of falling [lowering right hand]. Then I was kind of [raising left hand higher than right hand] you know. I had really good momentum, you know, going up [raising right hand again] and he was going down.

"He actually missed the ball [pretending to hold a basketball over his head] he kind of, uh, missed the ball [pushing his own hand towards his face] and hit my face or whatever. It was a good dunk, of course.

"Is this my first ever poster in my life?"

Nikola Jokic

If you are a high school physics teacher and/or a Punch and Judy puppeteer, please feel free to design an entire lesson and/or skit around this dunk.

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