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This Jabroni Really Said “Attacking Rest”

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 28: Head coach Nick Sirianni of the Philadelphia Eagles talks to the media during training camp at the NovaCare Complex on July 28, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Last week, Philadelphia Eagles coach Nick Sirianni attacked putting on a visor, attacked the start of training camp, then attacked his first training camp press conference by establishing the mission: attack.

"It isn't sexy and it doesn't generate headlines," read an Eagles team blog, going 1-for-2, "but Sirianni's daily message is consistent." The first-year head coach has attacked bringing an attack mentality to his team:

"My message to the team is very clear: We attack every day. It's a climb and we're attacking every day," he said. "We like to even break it down further than that. We're not only attacking every day; we're attacking the little parts of that day, right? The players right now are attacking rest. The coaches, when we're done here, I'm going to go up with the offensive staff and we're going to watch the tape and we're going to attack the crap out of the film. Then we're going to attack the meeting room, right? Then we're going to attack the walkthrough, then we are going to attack the meeting room again."

Hell yeah! Oh hell yeah! Attack that rest!

This is exactly what Eagles fans want to attack reading. If I hear that my coach and his staff have attacked the crap out of the film, positively throttled that film until it's purple-faced and all out of crap, then that inspires me to attack instituting the Sirianni method within my daily life. I wake up with an ursine fervor, attack my morning cup of coffee, then attack the toilet with focused intensity.

This is the way to live. Attack the drive to work, treating red lights like doubters, doubters that say (they don't even attack saying) my Birds won't win the Super Bowl. Attack your computer, then attack acquiring a new computer that isn't mangled beyond use. Attack all meals without restraint, spraying a fine mist of flavors and food essence on all walls, surfaces, and acquaintances within your tactical consumption perimeter. At the end of the day, attack that bed, and don't forget to attack those dreams. As long as the Eagles are attacking, so should you.

H/t to @mkasznel

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