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NFL Security Breach Leads To Violation Of Throwback Apparel Protocol

Jon Gruden

Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Thursday night's game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders was briefly thrown into chaos after an egregious failure of the NFL's throwback apparel protocol. Somehow, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden was able to take the field wearing a hat emblazoned with an "Oakland Raiders" logo.

"I apologize for not having the right hat on," said Gruden after his team's 30-27 overtime loss. "Somebody played a pretty good trick on me."

Thankfully, league security teams were able to intervene during the game and get a proper Las Vegas Raiders hat onto Gruden's head. One can only hope that the league will conduct a full investigation into this breach of Gruden's game-day outfit and punish any of those found responsible for the unforgivable error.

As a reminder, the Chargers have always played in Los Angeles, and the Raiders have always played in Las Vegas. Any articles of clothing or apparel that indicate otherwise are false.

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