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Nation Weeps As Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski Complete Lombardi Trophy Pass Over Water

The Bucs are having themselves a little Super Bowl parade today that's taken the form of, what else, a boat regatta through central Tampa. Super Bowl MVP and new boat owner Tom Brady was the star of the show, and he even made time to throw a touchdown to Rob Gronkowski's boat with the Lombardi trophy.

Who says Patrick Mahomes is the only quarterback who uses unconventional throwing angles? If this throw had taken place later in the parade, maybe we'd have been lucky enough to witness a drop.

An on-boat angle shows excellent high-pointing. Gotta keep those skills sharp in the offseason.

As one might guess, or as one can see in the clips above, a large gathering that ticks all three boxes of "football-adjacent," "on boats," and "in Florida" is not a gathering with many masks. Reporters asked authoritarian foreskin Ron DeSantis about whether it's a good idea to let more people die to celebrate another Tom Brady Super Bowl, and steam shot out of his ears.

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