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Let’s Remember Some College Football Guys, With Spencer Hall

Steve Spurrier on the sidelines during a 1994 game in which his Florida Gators beat Kentucky by nearly 70 points.
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

College football started in earnest three weeks ago. But has college football REALLY started if Defector—long a bastion of college football content that only Tiger Droppings can rival in terms of both scope and devotion—hasn’t paid attention to it yet? I say no. College football only starts when Roth and I start doin’ some hatin’, and THAT is the subject of this week’s Distraction.

But there’s even MORE rah-rah shit to be found in this week’s episode. Blogging legend Spencer Hall—formerly of Every Day Should Be Saturday and now the co-proprietor of Channel 6, an eminently subscribe-able blog in its own right—joins Roth and me to answer all of our tiresome questions and to remind us that absolutely no one is in charge of this fuck factory of a sport. Spencer also endured the return of my homemade mashups and he answered a few Funbag inquiries. But more important, he Remembered Some College Football Guys with us. Remembering college guys is even more fun than remembering the pros, so let’s do that right now.

    • D.J. Shockley
    • Aaron Murray
    • Jay Barker
    • Troy Davis
    • Tai Streets
    • Joe Germaine
    • Matt Mauck
    • Cedric Cobbs
    • Bo Scarbrough
    • Jeff Smoker
    • Kurt Kittner
    • Trevone Boykin
    • Major Applewhite
    • Anthone Lott
    • Antonio Langham
    • Chris Gizzi
    • Jason White
    • D’Wayne Bates
    • Cody Pickett

Remember all those guys? Whatever happened to those guys? By all means, remember some more down in the comments.

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