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Hugh Freeze Is Thinking Massively

Hugh Freeze
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

If you've never seen the @massive_thinks Instagram account, I imagine that it is quite hard to believe that it is real. How could it be? Someone comes up to you and tells you that there is an account out there with 426,000 followers that does nothing but post image macros in which messages like "Don't run from the grind, make the grind run from you" are arranged next to the glowering faces of Mr. Bean, John Wick, or Tommy Shelby, and you are just supposed to nod along like that's a real thing? That all of this business-brain dada is in earnest, and may in fact sincerely be firing the motivation of high-motor drop-shipping entrepreneurs around the world is more than can comfortably be processed. Mr. Bean ... really? Yes, Mr. Bean.

It's important that you know about the Massive Thinks mindset so that you can fully appreciate the message that was just shared by Auburn University's new head coach, Hugh Freeze.

The graphic design certainly has a big role to play here, but as with all of history's most powerful posts, it is the message itself that makes this one sing. "When your commitment to something is greater than your feelings, that's when you really get the results." Beautiful. Can't you just imagine the dumbest person in your life reading those words and then finding themselves unable to resist the urge to repost it with several flame emoji? Doesn't it make you look back at moments in your life, to times when you really got the results, and realize that those times were when your commitment outpaced your feelings?

This is a fitting start to Freeze's tenure at Auburn. College football coaches are hired for their abilities to recruit and scheme, but also for how well they are able to project the boosters' and administrators' ideas of what their school should be right back at them. Those people got what they were looking for in Freeze: a guy who beat Nick Saban twice while Barack Obama was president, and who also looks and talks exactly like a suspiciously pious used car salesman. And now, they get thinks like this.

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