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Some time in the not too long ago, when we announced Namedropping would be coming to ears everywhere, the pod gang started to get little notes from friends and Defector staff about people who would be great to interview. (Barack "Barry" Obama, your invitation remains open at this time.)

What we could not expect is that we would find a Namedropping guest right here within the friendly confines of the Defector Commenter Garden.

This week's guest on the season finale of Namedropping is Holden Holden, a Defector subscriber who has gotten very tired of hearing your Catcher in the Rye references.

You can find the transcript for the episode here.

It was, in fact, in the comments on the blog announcing Namedropping that Holden Holden puffed out his chest and proudly offered himself up for grilling.

Holden joined Giri and Samer to talk about the tricky path that lineage and family names can create, his struggle against substitute teachers and HR professionals, and why online forms continue to deny his existence. Plus, the fellas discuss the power that comes with having a name as an ice breaker and the fatigue that comes from explaining your name again and again.

Thank you for joining us for the first season of Namedropping! Giri, Samer, and Alex are taking a much deserved break before heading back into the studio for Season 2 this spring. If you like what you've heard, please leave a review of the show on your podcast platform of choice.

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