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Here Are Some Images To Hold Close To Your Heart

Screenshot: NBC

Boy, the Steelers sure got fucked up last night. Remember how the game started with Maurkice Pouncey snapping the ball 20 feet into the air and letting the Browns scoop it up for a touchdown? Remember how the Steelers gave up 28 points in the first quarter? Haha, wait, do you remember how Ben Roethlisberger threw four damn interceptions??

The upshot of all this, other than the Steelers revealing themselves as big-time frauds, is that all of us, the good people of this world who know when it's time to revel the failures of those who deserve it most, are in for a heartwarming day.

I want you to look at this GIF, and imagine that you can hear the sounds of Roethlisberger's helmet straining to hold itself together around his obscenely large head.

Look at it again, and this time imagine that Pouncey is wearing his "FREE HERNANDEZ" hat and flying his Trump flag.

Now put on your favorite song, and let it play on a loop.

What a great day for us all.

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