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Dana White: I Have Found The UFC Pirate And I Will Bring Him To Justice

Screenshot: BT Sport

Hello, Mr. Pirate, sir, if you are reading this please do not—I repeat DO NOT—engage in any more piracy. Dana White has tactically ascertained the location of your hideout and, if pushed, he will kinetically engage to stop you from committing more piracy. I repeat, to the UFC pirate: This op has been compromised. The law will not save you. Do not expect mercy, for you shall receive none. Stand down!

Dana White, the very red face of the UFC, has been talking a fair bit about shutting down illegal streamers as this weekend's Conor McGregor fight approaches. UFC 257 figures to be one of the best-selling PPV cards of the year; all the more reason to both crack down and also make a big pre-emptive show about cracking down. At the end of his full interview with BT Sport, White reveals that the lone UFC pirate he's talking about isn't even in the United States. So, if you want to escape extranational justice from the UFC, please lower the skull and crossbones flag for a few days and let the heat die down.

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