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Burger Toppings, Ranked

S half-eaten hamburger
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Some Defector staffers, motivated by an extended discussion during lunchtime, ranked burger toppings on a 1-10 scale. Below are the results, taken by calculating the average of the 11 scores that each topping was given.

Treat yourself to a tasty meal today. You deserve it.

    1. Bacon
    2. Pickles
    3. Cheddar cheese
    4. Caramelized onions
    5. Pepper Jack cheese
    6. Raw onions
    7. Tomatoes
    8. Fried onions
    9. American cheese
    10. Blue cheese
    11. Swiss cheese
    12. Ketchup
    13. Lettuce
    14. Mayo
    15. Mushrooms
    16. Eggs
    17. Avocado
    18. Mustard
    19. Hot peppers
    20. BBQ sauce
    21. Bell peppers
    22. Spinach
    23. Getting hit by a food truck
    24. Coleslaw
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