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Brent Suter Credits Grandmother After Tumbling On Mound

Brent Suter, falling over backwards on the mound

Making an emergency start, Brent Suter pitched three innings of one-hit ball for the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday. The Brewers’ pitchers shut out the Cubs for eight innings in a bullpen start, but things went haywire for Milwaukee in the top of the ninth: Homers from Jason Heyward and Ildemaro Vargas gave the Cubs a 4-2 win.

It was pretty exciting. But whatever. Let's talk about by far the best thing to happen in that game: Brent Suter attempted to throw a pitch and ended up tumbling over backwards on the mound.

Talking to reporters after the game, Suter credited his grandmother: “My cleat slipped on the rubber and it took off on me. I’ve got to give my grandma credit for sticking that landing. She helped me with tumbling. Those tumbling classes paid off tonight.”

Brewers Pitcher Brent Suter falls over on the mound. It's a GIF.

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