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A Baseball Hall Of Fame Vote Is A Heavy Burden, Perhaps Too Heavy For Any One Man To Bear

Today, the Baseball Hall of Fame will announce which players, if any, will be enshrined in the hallowed halls of Cooperstown. This year has been a particularly messy affair for the writers who vote on the HOF selections. Some of them, though, have tried to put it into perspective.

This morning, MLB Network aired this video of longtime baseball writer Tom Verducci talking about his ballot. Many on Twitter have clowned this video, which I think is unfair. Verducci is treating this vote with the gravitas it deserves.

As it so happens, I also have a Hall of Fame ballot* (note: “Hall of Fame ballot” can be re-arranged to spell “Mothball Flea Loaf") and I am willing to share it, unlike others. Never for a moment doubt that I, like Verducci, treat my vote with the intense respect that it deserves. Here is my process:

Written and produced by Dan McQuade
Additional camera work by Jan Cohen
Additional production by Barry Petchesky
Background music by Mattia Cupelli
Additional music by K. Liakos

*I do not have a Hall of Fame ballot.

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