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You’re Gonna Have To Root For The Phillies In The World Series

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - OCTOBER 23: Bryce Harper #3 of the Philadelphia Phillies is congratulated by teammates following a two run home run against the San Diego Padres during the eighth inning in game five of the National League Championship Series at Citizens Bank Park on October 23, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Phillies signed Bryce Harper to a contract that everyone called “record-breaking.” In fairness, it was a big contract. He signed for 13 years and $330 million, and there were no opt-outs. The Phillies were going to give him an absurd amount of a money all in the hope that Harper could help them win baseball games.

I suppose it worked out. Harper’s two-run homer today in the eighth inning powered the Phillies to a 4-3 win over the San Diego Padres. The Phillies won the National League Championship Series, four games to one. It was a closer series than the five-game finish makes it seem; the Padres had pulled ahead in the seventh. But the Phillies, very quickly, are headed back to the World Series. As a Phillies fan, in this moment, I am very happy that the team paid Harper all that money to play baseball.

The Phillies will play the Houston Astros, unless the Yankees can pull off a Red Sox-esque comeback. But, even if the Yankees win, come on. You’re going to have to root for the Phillies in the World Series. You cannot root for the Astros. Come on. So join me on this journey. I’m headed out to Main Street in Manayunk to party. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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