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You Simply Will Not Believe The Quality Of The Holiday Deals That Defector Is Now Offering

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Perhaps we are overcome with the holiday spirit and a desire to bring good cheer. Perhaps we are simply curious to find out how many of you cheap bastards have been waiting to subscribe for more than a year because you won't buy anything without getting a "good deal" on the purchase. Either way, I come to you today with some news: For the first time since our inception, Defector is offering a promotional subscription price.

That's right, folks. If you click this link right here, you will see that you now have the option to subscribe to Defector while only paying $0.99 for your first month of access. Wow! How could anyone possibly turn down a deal such as this? Hopefully you can get the page to open before tens of thousands of eager new subscribers smash that link, flooding our servers and causing the site to crash!

And just in case you are some sort of wise guy who is thinking, "Ah, that's a pretty good deal, but I bet if I hold out for another six months or so, they'll offer an even better deal," please remember that our aim here is to maintain a modest, sustainable subscription business, not amass as many cheap subscribers as possible so that we can look more valuable to buyers or investors. We will not be going The Athletic Mode and offering a whole year of access for $1.69 any time soon. To put it more succinctly: This is the only deal you're gonna get, pal! So pay up!

Now that I've told off the wise guys, allow me to get back into the holiday spirit by announcing that we will once again be offering gift subscriptions. Yay! Just like last year, you can purchase a subscription to Defector for the various sports fans in your life. Unlike last year, you will not get a free tote bag along with your gift subscription. Instead, you will get a free beanie! Again, I ask how could any sane person pass up an opportunity such as this? If you are indeed sane, simply click this link right here to buy your gift subscription and claim your cool beanie.

OK, that is all I have to say right now. Happy holidays!

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