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WWE Doesn’t Think The Public Can Handle Nia Jax Yelling “My Hole!”

Nia Jax yells "my hole!" after landing hard on the ring apron during WWE Monday Night Raw
Screenshot: WWE

Whenever I see Nia Jax trending on Twitter, I prepare for the worst. The 36-year-old wrestler has a history of accidentally injuring opponents during matches, so I assumed there had been another botch on Monday Night Raw. But the self-proclaimed Irresistible Force hadn't hurt anyone last night. Instead, she had let the world know exactly what she hurt after a missed maneuver.

During a long-brewing tables match meant to end a feud with Lana, Jax attempted to leg-drop her opponent on the ring apron, which WWE commentator Tom Phillips said is "the hardest part of the ring," as WWE commentators do whenever someone even comes close to it. Lana rolled into the ring, Jax landed hard on the apron, and then, with great drama, cried to the heavens about her mistake: "My hole!" All the while, Lana either pretended to look concerned or tried to not break character. (She's not the best wrestling actor in the world, so it's hard to tell which.)

Monday Night Raw can be a slog, even during WrestleMania season, so Jax's exclamation about her hole was a nice break in the monotony. Even so, WWE decided that its fans could not handle hearing it. The company's YouTube recap of the match—won by Lana shortly after the hole incident, when she pushed a hurting Nia into a ringside table—noticeably censors the scream:

Though WWE wants to forget it, the memory of Nia's extremely specific pain will live on.

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