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Two Nationals Players Tagged Out At Third On Same Play

Two Nationals out at 3B

You’ve read the headline. You know what’s going to happen. But you cannot be prepared for how great this play is.

Yes, yes, this is technically not a double play.

Whew! Here’s a recap: Josh Bell hits Trevor Walker’s pitch to Luis Guillorme at third. Juan Soto, on second, tries to advance to third. He’s caught in a rundown and eventually slams into Walker at third for out number one. Bell attempts to go to second on the play. He’s going to get there! Walker throws the ball into right field. But then Bell tries to get to third on that errant throw! And, whoops, he’s tagged out by Francisco Lindor attempting to advance. Just incredible stuff.

Score it, ah, 5-6-1 FC, 9-6? Obviously the best part of the play is Bell being tagged while Soto is still laying on the dirt at third base. (Presumably he thought he was interfered with when he hammered into Walker in the basepath.)

Using Baseball-Reference, I have found the most recent time two players made an out at third on the same play that didn’t include a ball caught in the air. It came on August 19, 2019, when the Royals beat the Orioles 5-4.

This one includes a force out, so it’s not quite the same. But close enough! I also enjoyed this one I found, from 2017, where Kendall Graveman tags out two runners himself at third on the same play.

No matter what kind of two-outs-at-third play you’re watching, it’s a pretty fun sight.

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