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Tito Ortiz’s Co-Councilors Already Want To Strip Him Of His Position As Mayor Pro Tem

Doing great sir!
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Tito Ortiz, one of the dimmest men ever to fight for the UFC and current Huntington Beach, Ca. mayor pro tem, has once again placed his own ass in some hot water. It's a wonder that Ortiz has ascended to mayor pro tem, essentially the city's deputy mayor. The city councilor's early term has been defined by him pissing off all his colleagues, amplifying the far-right conspiracy bullshit that he built his career on, misunderstanding seemingly simple yes-no votes, and, most of all, flatly refusing to wear a mask under any circumstances. It's this last one that's coming around to bite him.

Ortiz's most recent dust-up began two weekends ago, when he posted a sweaty video outside of a local burger joint, decrying their refusal to serve him unless he masked up. "They won't let me order unless I have a mask to come in. First time all year that I’ve actually been forced to wear a mask, but I’m not wearing a mask," Ortiz said, adding, "Suck."

He apologized to the burger chain, and Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr used the microcontroversy to get some good jokes off at Ortiz's expense. Days later, Carr and two other city councilors introduced a motion, which will go to a vote this coming Monday, to remove Ortiz from his post as mayor pro tem. Their reasoning is more or less that he's a huge dumbass whose refusal to wear a mask is a big embarrassment:

Mr. Ortiz has failed to perform at a level expected for this position and has demonstrated little commitment to serving in the role with honor and dignity. His unprofessional demeanor and poor judgement have raised concerns among residents, local business owners, and his fellow council members.

City of Huntington Beach

A fellow councilor also told the Washington Post, "It’s not one issue, it’s the accumulation and constant distraction of having the Tito show be at the forefront. It’s really the background of Tito. He pushes QAnon conspiracies, he’s anti-mask, he’s anti-vaccine now. It’s a distraction from what we need to do in local government.”

At least Tito Ortiz escaped the specter of "Marshall law."

H/t Diego

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