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This Is The Only Good Use Of A Team Twitter Account

Jeanie Buss
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Earlier today, the 10.8 million people who follow the Los Angeles Lakers official Twitter account were treated to a wonderful and surprising message:

It appears that Buss's account was hacked sometime last night, and began sending messages to her 427,000 followers offering to sell them PlayStation 5s. This exact scenario plays out on Twitter every single day, though it is not often that someone as powerful as Buss is the one getting their account hacked and used by a scammer.

I certainly hope that nobody was dumb enough to think that sending a few hundred dollars to Jeanie damn Buss via Cash App was a legitimate way to obtain a PS5. But let us not dwell too long on any of those poor souls. Let us instead appreciate this scammer for creating the conditions under which an official NBA team account finally, at long last, tweeted something funny.

If you follow any professional sports team's Twitter account, a necessity for gaining basic information and updates about said team, then you understand that the experience is almost universally awful. When you are not being subjected to some social media manager doing a too-cute-by-half mumblecore routine, you're getting tweets that just say "TOUGH 😤😤" over a video clip of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope dunking a ball in practice. In the worst case, you get a grave-looking graphic that says, Please stop being mad at us for signing the sexual misconduct guy.

But a team executive stumbling onto the internet to point a megaphone at nearly 11 million people and shout, There's something wrong with the damn Twitter on my phone! is the good stuff. This is the only thing team accounts should be used for from now on. When Mark Davis spills an iced latte on his white sweater and ruins it, I want to hear about it from the Raiders' Twitter account.

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