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Year In Review

The Worst Tweets Of 2020

A cartoon image of a blue bird with X's for eyes and tire tracks across its body.
Illustration: Chris Thompson

While the disarmingly affable and swole Daniel Radcliffe was kind enough to read aloud some of this year's worst tweets for Defector when we launched in September, he could only get through so many. There were plenty more worth reliving and experiencing in the same way you smell a carton of expired milk in the fridge then choose to sniff it again.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the rest of 2020's worst tweets, each one terrible and bizarre in its own way. (You can find 2019's list here.)

(Editor's note: The Washington Football Team tweeted this before they changed their name.)
(Editor's note: Both of these photos are of firefighters.)
(Editor's note: Mitchel deleted his account, so here's a screenshot.)
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