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The Very Divorced Paul Pierce Has Dating Questions

Paul Pierce looks at his phone during a Celtics game
Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

We're nearly at the two-year anniversary of the grim men's evening that cost Paul Pierce his job at ESPN, and it'd be hard to argue that his situation has meaningfully improved in the interim. In February the former NBA player paid $1.4 million to settle charges from the SEC that he touted a crypto asset security without disclosing that he was paid to do so, and made "false and misleading promotional statements." Earlier this month, he was still vigorously defending himself from 2008 postseason poop allegations.

Pierce has said he was already divorced at the time of his fateful poker-night livestream, but his Twitter account is an experiment in becoming even more divorced. For a profile photo, he uses an iPhone lock-screen image of himself holding a cigar. And if that didn't make it clear enough, there's this:

And this:

And, of course, the thought-provoking question he posed on Wednesday:

A purely hypothetical inquiry for the fellas, of course. Pierce may be committed to the grim men's lifestyle, but sometimes it's wisest to put away the phone and opt for the cozy man's evening instead.

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